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Doug Stethen is a native of Kentucky where he attended the University of Kentucky and received a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.  After serving in the United States Air Force as a Base Civil Engineering Officer he moved his family to Knoxville, Tennessee.  There he began his carrier in construction as a staff construction engineer with Rentenbach Engineering Company.  Doug has tried to retire, but because of his unique qualities he continues to be sought out as a construction professional.  He and his wife live on a farm in Corryton, Tennessee, where he raises thoroughbred horses and has a vineyard.


Doug’s career with Rentenbach Engineering saw him rise from Project Engineer to Assistant Vice President - Manager of Field Operations.  While at Rentenbach he was the Project Manager of buildings which still remain as community landmarks.  He moved on to become Vice President of Operations for Blaine-Hays Construction Company in Knoxville.  There he oversaw construction operations throughout the southeastern United States.  In 1990 he formed his own construction company which he later sold.  That company continues today.  Doug joined Professional Construction Consulting, Inc. in 2000.


Doug has over forty years of experience in project engineering, project management and operations management.  He has served as Vice President for two companies, each of which has annual volumes in the hundreds of millions of dollars.  He has also formed and successfully operated his own, smaller company.  The most unique thing about Doug is his abilities with regard to field operations.  Superintendents understand him and he understands them.  Doug has the ability to grasp what a project needs and guide a superintendent in getting the project done.








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